What Is Attachment Parenting & Is It Right For You And Your Baby?

By Margaret Kennedy

Many people will tell you Attachment Parenting is a wonderful new system of parenting but Dr William Sears coined the term 25 years ago. It is by no means a new system.

As a practicing Pediatrician he was making an observation based on the way mothers in some cultures parent their babies in the same natural and loving way that was practiced for thousands of years by our forebears. This method of parenting helped to develop strong and loving bonds between parent and child. He did not start the Attachment Parenting method he was simply making an observation.

It has long been recognize and accepted that it is vital for a child to establish a strong emotional bond between baby and care giver. This bond is needed for the socio-emotional development of the child.

The system of attachment parenting means the parent is with the child constantly. They carry their baby in a sling or baby carrier while they go about their daily chores or shopping, the baby sleeps in bed with the parents and is breast-fed well into their toddler stage.

These parents try to shield their child from disappointment. They want their child to be happy and they try to shield them form having any negative experiences. Their baby is viewed as their friend and companion.

There are many supporters of this form of parenting but there are also many people who are expressing their doubts about it. These people believe the parents are not preparing their child for the real world and are setting them up for failure.

They believe that the role of a parent is to prepare the child for life and life is not perfect.

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Understanding Your Toddler

By Rikki S Downer

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Boy was I not prepared at all for what to expect when having a baby, and now we are entering toddler zone! Honestly I don't think anyone is prepared when they are getting ready for a child, even if you do all your research there are things that will pop up that Dr. Oz probably didn't warn you about. Now that we are entering toddler years it is getting very exciting and his personality is showing through now a lot more. This kid is so goofy and so much fun I am incredibly blessed, but there is a dark side.

Like when you have a million errands to run and your child decided to throw a fit cause he doesn't want to be at the store anymore, or how he throws things at you from the back seat cause he's pissed he has to be in the car seat to begin with, I mean this can't just be me. Although he is sweet and loving and hilarious, there are days where I need to put MYSELF in a time out because I might lose it. Parenting is hard and I defiantly didn't see this coming, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I read an article that was kind of helpful to think about and made me feel like I wasn't alone. It's called "5 Things No One Told You About Raising A Toddler That You Need To Know."

1) Toddlers have no sense of time. Which makes sense and I didn't really think of before. They don't know how long 5 minutes is I'm sure, or that you are in a hurry to leave right away. Read more